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12-Switching Part 1/118-Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) -- Part 1.mp4 111.62 MB
13-First Hop Redundancy Protocols/120-High Availability -- Hot Standby Router Protocol.mp4 105.53 MB
Removed from course but was part of v1.0/112-Wireless -- Part 1.mp4 88.87 MB
12-Switching Part 1/116-802.1d Spanning-Tree Optimizations & Security.mp4 87.19 MB
12-Switching Part 1/109-Cisco Express Forwarding.mp4 84.62 MB
15-Switching Part 2/127- Voice QoS -- Part 2.mp4 81.69 MB
9-IPv6/98-Static Point-to-Point IPv6 Tunnels.mp4 78.87 MB
8-BGP/71-BGP Update Source & Multihop Requirement.mp4 78.69 MB
2-EIGRP/16- EIGRP Convergence -- Part 2.mp4 78.28 MB
15-Switching Part 2/126- Voice QoS -- Part 1.mp4 75.28 MB
8-BGP/88-BGP Address-Family Configuration.mp4 73.36 MB
13-First Hop Redundancy Protocols/122-High Availability -- GLBP.mp4 72.00 MB
2-EIGRP/2- EIGRP Overview.mp4 71.19 MB
3-OSPF/47-OSPF Default Routing, Introduction to Stub Areas.mp4 70.57 MB
8-BGP/76-Injecting Routes into BGP.mp4 69.51 MB
3-OSPF/29-Introduction to OSPF.mp4 69.12 MB
12-Switching Part 1/114-Port Mirroring SPAN and RSPAN.mp4 67.86 MB
8-BGP/78-iBGP BGP Table Entires & Next-Hop Issues with iBGP Switching.mp4 66.92 MB
5-Infrastructure Services Part 1/65-IP Service-Level Agreements.mp4 65.95 MB
12-Switching Part 1/108-Introduction to Multilayer Switching.mp4 65.49 MB
8-BGP/84-BGP Attributes -- Weight and Local Preference.mp4 64.13 MB
8-BGP/82-BGP Filtering -- Part 2.mp4 63.89 MB
11-VPN Technology/104-Intro to DMVPN.mp4 61.69 MB
2-EIGRP/25-EIGRP Route Summarization -- Part 2.mp4 60.18 MB
3-OSPF/34-OSPF Network Types -- Part 1.mp4 59.31 MB
2-EIGRP/19-ACL Review, Filtering Using ACLs.mp4 59.25 MB
9-IPv6/94-IPv6 IGP Redistribution.mp4 58.23 MB
9-IPv6/91-OSPF Version 3.mp4 58.20 MB
8-BGP/81-BGP Filtering -- Part 1.mp4 56.86 MB
12-Switching Part 1/117-Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP).mp4 55.54 MB
12-Switching Part 1/110-Switch Operations and Hardware.mp4 55.50 MB
10-Infrastructure Services Part 3/101-NAT64.mp4 55.11 MB
12-Switching Part 1/115-802.1d Spanning-Tree.mp4 54.81 MB
12-Switching Part 1/119-Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) -- Part 2.mp4 54.70 MB
9-IPv6/99- IPv6 Automatic 6to4 Tunnels.mp4 53.29 MB
11-VPN Technology/103-VRF-Lite.mp4 50.04 MB
Removed from course but was part of v1.0/113-Wireless -- Part 2.mp4 49.60 MB
3-OSPF/37-OSPF Type 1 LSA.mp4 49.50 MB
16-Securing Switch Access/130-Securing Switch Access -- DHCP Snooping.mp4 49.43 MB
13-First Hop Redundancy Protocols/121-High Availability -- VRRP.mp4 49.21 MB
9-IPv6/100- ISATAP Tunnels.mp4 49.11 MB
8-BGP/86-BGP Attributes -- AS-Path and MED.mp4 48.65 MB
2-EIGRP/15-EIGRP Convergence -- Part 1.mp4 47.46 MB
13-First Hop Redundancy Protocols/123-Supervisor and Route Processor Redundancy.mp4 46.61 MB
4-Route Redistribution/61-Preventing Loops with Administrative Distance.mp4 46.32 MB
2-EIGRP/26-EIGRP Default Route.mp4 46.18 MB
4-Route Redistribution/55-Redistribution into EIGRP.mp4 45.83 MB
12-Switching Part 1/112-Configuring a Switch as a DHCP Server.mp4 45.43 MB
9-IPv6/89-IPv6 RIPng.mp4 44.74 MB
2-EIGRP/8- EIGRP Static Neighbors and Router ID.mp4 44.53 MB
3-OSPF/49- OSPF of Type-5 LSAs (Redistribution filtering).mp4 44.38 MB
2-EIGRP/3- EIGRP Neighborship & Parameters Overview.mp4 44.17 MB
12-Switching Part 1/105-Basic Switching Review.mp4 43.42 MB
16-Securing Switch Access/133-Securing VLANs- Private VLANs.mp4 41.85 MB
2-EIGRP/24-EIGRP Route Summarization -- Part 1.mp4 41.78 MB
3-OSPF/31-OSPF Router-ID & MTU Mismatch.mp4 41.43 MB
3-OSPF/45-OSPF Route Filtering into the Routing Table.mp4 41.38 MB
3-OSPF/52- Configuring Virtual Links with & without Authentication.mp4 40.97 MB
11-VPN Technology/102-Intro to VPNs.mp4 40.87 MB
8-BGP/69-Overview of iBGP and eBGP.mp4 40.67 MB
8-BGP/74- BGP Message Types. BGP Table & BGP Routes.mp4 39.17 MB
8-BGP/79-iBGP Full Mesh & Synchronization.mp4 38.97 MB
2-EIGRP/20- Introduction to Prefix-List Logic.mp4 38.64 MB
2-EIGRP/17-EIGRP Convergence -- Part 3.mp4 38.60 MB
3-OSPF/41-OSPF Database Exchange, LSA Flooding, Periodic flooding.mp4 38.21 MB
6-Policy-Based Routing/66-Policy-Based Routing.mp4 36.85 MB
16-Securing Switch Access/128- Securing Switch Access- AAA.mp4 34.95 MB
3-OSPF/35-OSPF Network Types -- Part 2.mp4 34.64 MB
8-BGP/85-BGP Attributes -- Origin Code.mp4 34.46 MB
4-Route Redistribution/59-Setting Attributes for Redistributed Routes Using Route-Map.mp4 34.40 MB
2-EIGRP/22-Introduction to Route Map Logic.mp4 33.69 MB
12-Switching Part 1/107-VTP- VTPv3 and VTP Pruning.mp4 33.68 MB
3-OSPF/39-OSPF Type 3 LSA.mp4 33.10 MB
2-EIGRP/28-Named Mode EIGRP Configuration.mp4 33.08 MB
7-Infrastructure Services Part 2/67-NTP.mp4 31.90 MB 31.84 MB
8-BGP/70-eBGP Neighborship Requirements.mp4 31.77 MB
3-OSPF/30-OSPF Neighbor Discovery, Hello Packet Parameters, Hello & Dead Intervals.mp4 31.13 MB
3-OSPF/33-OSPF Authentication -- Part 2.mp4 31.11 MB
2-EIGRP/18-EIGRP Variance.mp4 30.22 MB
9-IPv6/90-EIGRP for IPv6.mp4 29.04 MB
16-Securing Switch Access/129-Securing Switch Access- Storm Control.mp4 28.67 MB
12-Switching Part 1/106-Etherchannel- L3 Channels and Misconfiguration Guard.mp4 28.28 MB
Removed from course but was part of v1.0/50-OSPF Stub Areas -- Part 3.mp4 28.08 MB
2-EIGRP/6- EIGRP Authentication -- Part 2.mp4 27.85 MB
3-OSPF/46- OSPF Route Summarization.mp4 26.73 MB
8-BGP/68-Introduction to BGP.mp4 26.53 MB
4-Route Redistribution/63-Preventing Routing Loops by Filtering Using Tags.mp4 26.37 MB
16-Securing Switch Access/131-Securing Switch Access -- Dynamic AARP Inspection.mp4 26.22 MB
16-Securing Switch Access/132-Securing VLANs -- VLAN Access-Lists.mp4 26.02 MB
3-OSPF/38-OSPF Type 2 LSA.mp4 25.98 MB
3-OSPF/44-OSPF route Filtering between Areas.mp4 25.66 MB
3-OSPF/51- Introduction to Virtual Links, Need for Virtual Links.mp4 25.58 MB
15-Switching Part 2/125- Voice VLAN.mp4 24.99 MB
3-OSPF/48-OSPF Stub Areas -- Part 1.mp4 24.54 MB
8-BGP/72- iBGP Neighborship Requirements & Configuration.mp4 24.31 MB
8-BGP/80-BGP Peer-Groups.mp4 24.17 MB
14-POE/124- Power Over Ethernet.mp4 23.98 MB
2-EIGRP/14- EIGRP Metric Manipulation -- Part 2.mp4 23.66 MB
12-Switching Part 1/113-Managing Switch Ports.mp4 23.17 MB
2-EIGRP/10- EIGRP Topology Table, Messages & Update Process.mp4 22.91 MB
12-Switching Part 1/111-Switch Chassis Redundancy.mp4 22.72 MB
2-EIGRP/5- EIGRP Authentication -- Part 1.mp4 22.70 MB
2-EIGRP/9- EIGRP Neighbors over WANs.mp4 22.37 MB
4-Route Redistribution/62-Routing Loops with more than Two Routing Doamins & Per-Route AD Settings.mp4 22.17 MB
2-EIGRP/7- EIGRP Passive Interfaces & K-Values.mp4 22.11 MB
2-EIGRP/12- EIGRP Feasible Distance & Reported Distance.mp4 20.52 MB
2-EIGRP/11- EIGRP Topology Exchange over WAN.mp4 19.72 MB
2-EIGRP/4- EIGRP Hello Packets, Hello & Dead Intervals_Timers~1.mp4 19.27 MB
4-Route Redistribution/60-Routing Loops & Preventing Routing Loops by Changing Metric Value.mp4 19.20 MB
2-EIGRP/4- EIGRP Hello Packets, Hello & Dead Intervals_Timers.mp4 19.00 MB
4-Route Redistribution/64-Path Manipulation with Redistribution.mp4 18.44 MB
3-OSPF/42-OSPF Metric Calculation for Intra-Area & Inter-Area Routes.mp4 18.12 MB
8-BGP/75-BGP AS Path Attribute.mp4 16.30 MB
2-EIGRP/27- EIGRP Path Manipulation.mp4 16.14 MB
2-EIGRP/13- EIGRP Metric Manipulation -- Part 1.mp4 15.40 MB
3-OSPF/32-OSPF Authentication -- Part 1.mp4 15.14 MB
1-Introduction/1- Introduction.mp4 15.01 MB
8-BGP/73- BGP Neighbor States.mp4 14.54 MB
3-OSPF/40-OSPF Database Exchange, OSPF Message Types, Neighbor States.mp4 13.77 MB
3-OSPF/43-OSPF Metric Tuning.mp4 11.83 MB
9-IPv6/96-Tunneling Concepts.mp4 11.65 MB
9-IPv6/97- Overview of IPv6 Tunneling Options & NAT-PT.mp4 11.57 MB
9-IPv6/93-IPv6 Traffic Filters.mp4 11.42 MB
8-BGP/87-BGP Multipath.mp4 10.63 MB
4-Route Redistribution/56-OSPF Type-4 ASBR-Summary LSAs.mp4 10.19 MB
8-BGP/83-BGP Path Attributes & BGP Best Path Algorithm.mp4 9.63 MB
8-BGP/77-Using BGP for Outbound Routing.mp4 9.34 MB
3-OSPF/53- OSPF Path Manipulation.mp4 9.29 MB
4-Route Redistribution/57-Redistribution into OSPF.mp4 8.91 MB
2-EIGRP/23-EIGRP Route Filtering Using Route-Maps.mp4 8.71 MB
4-Route Redistribution/58-Redistribution Using Route-Maps & Distribution-list Switching.mp4 8.34 MB
3-OSPF/36-OSPF Link State Database, Types of LSAs.mp4 7.95 MB
4-Route Redistribution/54-IGP Redistribution Overview.mp4 6.54 MB
2-EIGRP/21-EIGRP Route Filtering Using IP prefix Lists.mp4 6.14 MB
9-IPv6/95- Introduction to IPv4 & IPv6 Coexistence.mp4 4.97 MB
3-OSPF/50- OSPF Stub Areas -- Part 2.mp4 4.16 MB
9-IPv6/92-Static IPv6 Routes.mp4 3.00 MB
titless.png 331.23 KB
ccnpv2.txt 5.28 KB
INE - CCNP R&S v2 (2015) - Good Quality.flv 12.89 GB
INE - CCNP R&S v2 (2015) - Good Quality.flv 12.89 GB
INE - CCNP R&S v2 (2015) - Good Quality.mkv 39.79 GB
INE - CCNP R&S v2 (2015) - Good Quality.flv 12.89 GB
INE - CCNP R&S v2 (2015) - Good Quality.mkv 585.70 MB
INE - CCNP R&S v2 (2015) - Good Quality.mkv 585.70 MB
INE - CCNP R&S v2 (2015) - Good Quality.mp4 5.18 GB
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